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Devblog: bacteria5.tumblr.com

It is the final day of the year 4999.

Panic is spread among citizens of Cybernetika due to the Y5K bug.

The bug can cost people their lives. Every citizen is required to have a Brain-Computer interface installed into their cerebellum in order to provide a safer and easier way to live. However, there is one small problem. The calendar only goes up to 4999, leaving an opening for hacker's when the system eventually breaks down. The Y5K bug can literally destroy your brain, if exploited by hackers. Bacteria5, a notorious hacking group isn't going to let this amazing opportunity slide.


  • Play as a hacker from the Bacteria5 hacking group.
  • Infect people to gain power which can be used for bribes.
  • 7 hours of gameplay! (TBC)
  • Create your own viruses or purchase them on the deep web.